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What is the Rollee Pollee Nap Sac?

It's a pillow + blanket rolled up into an easy-to-use bundle of fun!

Each Nap Sac unrolls into a 50” x 50” blanket

The blanket folds over to make a 25" x 50" cover for standard cots and mats

Each Nap Sac has a sewn-in name tag

The comfortable pillow is attached to the Nap Sac so it can't get lost

Elastic straps on corners keep the Nap Sac in place on a cot or mat

Schools, parents and teachers love Rollee Pollee!

Machine washable

Rollee Pollee is safe to put in with your laundry and can be washed as often as needed

Fits in standard cubbies

Stack them, stuff them, hang them - the Nap Sac is easy to stow away at school or home

Comply with local regulations

Great for schools and daycare where napping activities and materials are subject to state and local regulations

Sewn-in name tag

Every Rollee Pollee has a sewn-in name tag so kids and teachers know whose is whose


Made of super soft non-allergenic materials that won't irritate sensitive skin